Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Things In Life

So I was at fast food resturant today (i know,gross, but funds and convienence won that battle). An old timer walks past me, newspaper in hand and says, "How are you doing today young man?" I tell him im doing great and he goes and sits down with his coffee. I ask him what he was up to, he says, "Well, i'm going to meet my buddies here, drink some coffee and we are going to tell each other lies for about half an hour." LOL! I extend my hand for a handshake, he accepts, and I leave. 

Lesson learned: Old people are smart, and above all, funnier than younger people, no contest. It meant a lot that he asked me how my day was, seeing that I was a complete stranger. Sometimes we get too involved with our own lives and forget that there are a few other billion people on this fine rock we call Earth. A simple "How are you" goes a long way, well, at least for me.