Wednesday, July 22, 2015

12 Fort Collins and Northern Colorado FM Radio Presets You Should Have in 2015

            This list is an insider’s guide to some quality FM radio in the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado area from the ears of a music aficionado and local. It is current as of 7/22/2015, and is subject to becoming invalid due to normal business change in radio industry. FM Radio is free, reliable and diverse. For that it is still relevant.

Without further adieu, here are the top 12 FM Radio stations (in no order) that should be programed in your presets in Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado region- (12 because some genius invented the whole FM1 and FM2 system, giving you not 6, but a whopping 12 presets of fun to shake a stick at.)   

91.5 KUNC- This is basically NPR…News and stuff. Hell yes.

FLO 107.1- Man these cats are killing it with the hip hop from 1990 to like 2005. The signal is very sketchy is Northern Colorado so be warned.

Radio 94.9- Dope alternative station who devotes a small portion of time to local CO artists.  

93.5 Pirate Radio- These people play the greatest oldies, from C.W. McCall, to Frank Sinatra to the 
Beach Boys. Warning- Jesus stuff on Sundays.

90.5 KCSU- Local college station who when they get it right, they play a swath of good music, but when they get it wrong, you are hearing tribal drums and shit.

100.7 KOLT – This country station is straight outta Cheyenne, so you know it’s going to be legit stuff. I heard an amazing Chris Ledoux song on this station once and got hooked. The signal can be sketch on this one as well.

97.3 KBCO- Alternative/Dave Matthews/Counting Crows type stuff. Local stalwart station from Boulder. Good easy listening.

94.3 Loudwire- This is a solid rock/metal station. Long morning radio show that is ok I guess, but overall solid mix and not too many interruptions from ads.

89.3 KUVO- Lots of jazz and latin on this station. They also have genre-dedicated shows like Saturday’s hip hop and R&B show and gospel on Sundays. I got drunk and donated $50 to this station once during a pledge drive, and got a shout out on the radio…totally worth it.

KOOL 105.1- 70’s and 80’s popular stuff. Good for when you and the squad are rollin’ up to da party.

96.1 KISS- Crappy pop songs repeated too often, with the saving grace of funny skits on Jon Jay and Rich’s talk show in the mornings like fiancé Friday or war of the roses.

88.9 KRFC- Local Fort Collins radio broadcast that you can expect to hear anything and everything.

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